Based in Chicago, IL.

Co-founder of contemporary art space, Adler & Floyd located in Chicago, IL.

Manager of art studio collective located in McKinley Park, Chicago, IL.

I am a visual artist whose work primarily focuses on questions of perception, signaling, problem solving,  and existence from both epistemological and ontological ways of thinking. I am interested in exploring the intersection between the material and the nonmaterial, the physical and the virtual, the ephemeral and the eternal, and the analog and the technological. My process is iterative and illustrates the transition of thought through the transformation of material. The work manifests in a wide range of materialities: sound, metal, sculpture, video, fabric, drawings in space, installation, and paper.

I am curious about the life-span of an artwork and the artifact or residue that remains. I think about shadow as evidence of idea, as well as the physical manifestation of a belief system or network of understanding. Shadows allow the invisible to become visible, to complicate, and to inform. I am curious about capturing the interstice, how gravity and in-progress documentation can allow moments within performance that inform and reveal.

I am invested in using material in order to perform and contradict structures of power; by borrowing the grid propelled by early modernist architects and artists, I try to generate and subvert order, converse about mapping space through spatial schematics, test our perception of location, while questioning material hierarchies and tensile strength.